PAX East 2010!

Greetings, Creators!

We're just starting the weekend here at the first ever Penny Arcade Expo (PAX East) in Boston, MA! There are lots of amazing games on the show floor and tons of people to enjoy them! Here are some shots from the opening of the show!

Long line for badges

Long line for Badges!


Everyone is ready for the doors to open!


Kaboom! PAX East 2010 begins!

Check out some of the amazing Xbox LIVE Indie Game Creators that have booths here at the show!

Mommys Best Games at PAX East


Mommy's Best Games are showing off their new game Grapple Buggy and giving away strange and fabulous prizes in booth 1135!


Aaron Teplitski of yrrGames is right next door with Snake 360 and his new XBLIG, Falling!

Silva and lady friend

Dishwasher soap

Ska Studios James Silva and crew are in booth 116 with his hotly anticipated sequel, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. They've also got some awesome swag for sale!

If you happen to see me on the show floor be sure to say hello! If you do, I might have a special gift just for you!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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