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Have you registered for the 2010 Game Developers Conference yet? You don't want to miss this opportunity to attend sessions on the latest technology for game development, and meet fellow game developers. When you attend Microsoft Game Developer Days, you'll have access to any of the following sessions for to see what the future of gaming with Microsoft holds for you!

Tuesday, March 9th

    Title: Visual C++ 2010: A Turbo Boost in Productivity
    Title: System-wide Game Profiling with the Windows Performance Toolkit
    Title: Building an Uber-Fast Crowd Renderer for Your Next Xbox 360 Engine
    Title: Block Compression Smorgasbord
    Title: The Dark Art of ShadowMapping
    Title: DirectX 11 Technology Update

Wednesday, March 10th

    Title: DirectX 11 DirectCompute–A Teraflop for Everyone
    Title: Think DirectX 11 Tessellation! – Lots of options
    Title: Developing Games for Windows Phone 7
    Title: High Performance 3D Games on Windows Phone 7 Series
    Title: Development and Debugging Tools for Windows Phone 7 Series
    Title: Bringing the Best of Xbox LIVE to Windows Phone 7 Series

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