Creators Club Communiqué 41

Salutations, Creators!

In recent weeks we’ve seen a few questions pop up about this year’s Dream.Build.Play Competition, specifically in regard to the Old Spice Challenge. We will answer all questions necessary to enable Creators to successfully submit their games; however select details will only be shared with the finalists chosen. To bring more clarity to the commonly asked questions we’ve seen in the forums, we’re repeating the answers here.

Specifically in regard to the Old Spice Challenge:

  1. Games submitted to the Old Spice Challenge should include a trial mode in the event that they are chosen as a finalist.
  2. Of the games submitted to the Old Spice Challenge, up to five will be selected by the judges to be Contest Finalists and take part in the voting promotion on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
  3. Finalists (up to 5) will have one week to prepare their game for final voting. These finalists will be notified via the email address registered for the Dream.Build.Play competition.
  4. The games that are chosen as finalists will need to submit their game through Peer Review on XNA Creators Club Online.
  5. Creators of the games selected for the Old Spice Challenge will not be permitted to update their game during the voting promotion. After the voting promotion ends, any Creator with an active XNA Creators Club Online Premium Membership can update their title.
  6. Xbox LIVE Users can vote on the games during this promotion. Purchase a game is not a requirement to vote.
  7. Any Xbox LIVE User who votes will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a token for a free full version of the winning game.
  8. The winning game will receive payment for all token sales of their game.

Additionally, we are aware of the current problem with the CA text file in the collected fonts assets and we’re working to replace them as soon as possible!

As ever, the XNA Creators Club Online forums are a great place to find answers and we’re available by email:


~kathleen sanders

Comments (2)

  1. Bjoern Graf says:

    In response to 4: What about the participants that are trapped in countries that are not part of the XBLIG chosen ones? In other words: How should the poor Belgian guy be able to win this challenge?

  2. ColesyM says:

    Or any one from the other 20 or so EU nations that have been left for dead…

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