Creators Club Communiqué 40

Greetings, Creators!

At last we’ve reached the shortest month of the year! This month will fly by not only because it is shorter than the rest, but there is so much to do! We’ve noticed that many of you have been keeping pretty busy making amazing Xbox LIVE Indie Games, too!

GameStop’s Indie Game Challenge just announced their contest finalists, and two the games are using XNA Game Studio: Galactic Arms Race and the time-twisting shoot’em up, Zeit^2! Zeit^2 was a finalist in our Dream.Build.Play 2008 Challenge!

This years’ Global Game Jam 2010 came to a close this past weekend; thousands of developers around the world got together to create games based on one theme, “Deception”. There was a record-breaking number of entries and many of the games used XNA Game Studio to do it! If you participated and submitted a game entry, email us ( and tell us all about your experience. You may be featured in a future Communiqué or on XNA Creators Club Online!

Finally, are you a twitterer? A tweeter? Well, the benevolent Shawn Hargreaves now has a Twitter! Be sure to follow him, just as you follow us.


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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