Creators Club Communiqué 38

This week we launched the first installment of our new Developer Talk Series on XNA Creators Club Online! The magnificent Shawn Hargreaves presented “Getting Started with Custom Shaders”, and is presenting the same talk again tomorrow (Friday, January 22nd). Friday’s session is already full, but no worries; as with all of the presentations in this series, we’ll be posting a link to a recording of this talk on Tuesday, January 26th on the Developer Talk Series page at XNA CCO. If you’ve got questions about this talk or any suggestions for future talks you’re welcome to visit the Developer Talk Series section of our XNA CCO Forums!

In other Creator-related news this week, Harmonix opened up the Rock Band Network beta! XNA Creators Club Online Premium members are automagically set to participate in the beta. Head to their website to learn about what else is required to start making your own tracks for Rock Band!

Finally, be sure to check out Major’s Minute this week; you might see something familiar!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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  1. tyboyes says:

    All really good stuff, and Shawn is excellent at explaining things for us mere mortals.

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