The New Dashboard, PAX 2009, and Xbox LIVE Indie Games!

It is a big week here for Team XNA! With the new Xbox 360 dashboard let’s welcome all the games that have been updated to XNA Game Studio 3.1. Indie Game Developers in Japan can now share their games on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, too!

Servicing has also been enabled. This means when you update your Xbox LIVE Indie Game anyone who has purchased it will be prompted to download the most current version when they go to play your title. This doesn’t mean you should ignore your consumers, though! Remember to use your game’s thread on the Forums to communicate with them!

Perhaps best of all – User Ratings is available for all content on Xbox LIVE Marketplace! You’ll see the new tab when browsing Xbox LIVE Indie games that lists the current top rated games.


Penny Arcade Expo 2009

Team XNA is currently working overtime to make this the best PAX ever for XBLIG! We’re going to be there with prizes, contests, games… and more! If you haven’t already joined our XNA Creators Club Facebook Group – you should! We’ve got all the info on the Texas Hold ‘Um Charity Event that you can enter. We’re also involved with a few panels throughout the weekend. You can read more about it here.

If you’re an Xbox LIVE Indie Game creator who is planning to be at PAX this year be sure to let me know! Email me at – we want to be sure to meet you!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

Comments (2)

  1. jdavis says:

    Are there any plans for a partial trust XNA to compete with the upcoming O3D and WebGL releases?

  2. dna8088 says:

    Do I have to pay for an indie game for my rating to be counted? or can I rate a game after playing the demo?

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