CCO and Xbox LIVE are Down

Today, June 16 from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. PDT (2009-06-16 0701 to 2009-06-17 0659 GMT) Creators Club Online, Xbox LIVE, and parts of are offline for scheduled maintenance. 

As a result, Creators Club Online is down. Xbox 360 Consoles will not be able to connect to any Xbox LIVE Services so any Xbox LIVE Community Games you have downloaded will not be playable. Additionally, the “My Xbox” section of is not available, and the Xbox forums are in read-only mode and you will be unable to post.  The rest of is functional and available.

When services are restored, up to 24 hours later, there will be many new exciting changes to be found on Creators Club Online including:

  • Cross-creator purchasing made easier with a “Buy Game on Marketplace” link on the Approved Game Details page!
  • Gamercard linking returns – repaired!
  • Additional localization of pages and help for our supported regions
  • 30 new creator tiles now available!
  • Time period in forums not read, active discussions and my discussions will be fixed!
  • Download history updates! Will contain totals for purchases, trial, and purchase/trial ratio per time period selected. Also added "All data" in the period dropdown. CSV export now takes into consideration locale for determining separator. We fixed first day of the month issue, too!
  • CMS RSS feeds will now show the images outside of a browser reader
  • Layout of RSS feeds have changed slightly to be more consistent across different types of browsers
  • Trial memberships now clearly displayed on the profile page
  • IE8 Compatibility
  • Single letter domain email addresses will be supported

We have many more changes coming soon, too. This is just a taste of a few of the smaller changes we’ve made in response to your feedback. We’re constantly listening to you and will have even more news soon!

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