Creators Club Communiqué 29

Team XNA isn’t just here in Redmond. It also includes many incredible Direct X/XNA MVPs from all around the world. We couldn’t do what we do without their input and assistance everyday!

Recently, inspired by Mr. Michael Klucher’s post about a PSD Plugin for Paint.NET, our own Shawn Hargreaves put out a call to action to turn that into an XNA Framework texture importer. This could let you add multi-layer .psd files directly to Visual Studio without having to flatten and export to other formats. MVP Matt Pettineo responded within three days with this Photoshop .psd importer for the XNA Framework Content Pipeline! But that’s not all! During that time Matt also shared a menu/UI system he wrote! How cool is that?

Finally, lots of questions surround Microsoft revealing the Zune HD and what it could mean for those who want to program applications and games for it using XNA Framework. All we can say is stay tuned next week during E3 for more news about Zune HD from Microsoft!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

Comments (5)

  1. jeffa00 says:

    Now that Microsoft’s E3 announcements are out and everyone is going absolutely crazy for Zune HD and Natal, just wondering if you guys have any idea when we’ll hear something about how XNA will play in those areas?

    Yes, I know the answer will be essentially "no comment" but some things are cool enough to ask even knowing that! 😉

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