Creators Club Communiqué 21

If the Communiqué was a person living in the USA and every post was one year then the Communiqué would be legally permitted to drink today! Cheers!

This week we’ve got plenty of links to keep your space brains busy!

First up, we’ve announced the new dates for Gamefest 2010! If you’re interested in game tech you’ll want to be at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle on February 10 and 11, 2010!

This week Xen, a graphics API on XNA framework, was released and there was much rejoicing. Take a look and see if you want to use it to help you add fireworks to your games!

We’re all starting to suspect we need to give Shawn “Thundermixer” Hargreaves more to do, because somehow even with his tremendous work load he’s cranked out three awesome articles lately! This one on Depth sorting alpha blended objects helps to answer the question: “ How come my transparent objects are drawn in the wrong order, or parts of them are missing?” From there Shawn continues down memory lane with Moto GP in articles about Localization and Custom Paint Jobs.

Ziggyware is rich with help per usual with a tutorial on Simple 2D Shadows and a Mini Tower Defense demo!

Remember, if you are heading to SXSW you should be sure to check out his panel at the SXSW Interactive Festival ‘Games By the People, For the People’ and stop this Friday, March 13 to say hello!

Finally, if you’re sick of me posting hilarious videos involving animals then whatever you do, do NOT click on this link (also lighten up).


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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  1. Sebastian B says:

    the dog video was hilarious! 😀 Dog’s got serious nightmares.

    /Sebastian from Shortfuse

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