Creators Club Communiqué 17

Last week we took a break from hardcore space brain XNA learnings to look at different places we’ve seen the fruits of your labor around the internet. I’m still keen on hearing your impressions and opinions, but this week we return the communiqué to the learning annex it was born to be.

Shawn “Lord of Learning” Hargreaves has logged a record* five (5) posts! Four of them relate to Moto GP: Blu-Tac, crash camera, bike damage, and sun effect. As well as a very helpful post on Overscan, title safe areas, and test cost.

The ever-helpful Ziggy of Ziggyware fame shared a small sliding sphere collision sample using the XNA framework. At Ziggyware you can also find a handy method Asger Feldthaus offered for creating procedurial trees.

Sean James continued his game engine tutorial series with an article on serialization.

Catalin “Link Rally” Zima shared some deeper thoughts about the World of Goo-style cursor sample he developed with the XNA framework.

In our own forums on XNA: Creators Club Online Deadlydog shared a particle system framework for XNA, called DPSF (Dynamic Particle System Framework) that people really seem to dig. He offers links to it and even some videos to get a taste of what it can do.

Finally, this video sort of made me squeek with delight. I hope you enjoy it, too.


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

*not an actual record. I was just being colorful.

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