Creators Club Communiqué 16

Here we are in Feburary already! It is also already the year 2009! Holy crap! Lots is happening internally here on Team XNA that I hope we’ll get to share with you next month, but in the meantime Xbox LIVE Community Games has steadily been gaining more attention everywhere!

In case you’ve missed it there are a few places you can find XBL:CGs making the news!

Destructoid and are doing regular reviews of different Community Games, but other sites such as Ziggyware, XNAPlay, and XBLA and XNA Ratings also offer reviews of the games you’re creating.

I’d also like to hear what you, the Creators, think of the games. To this end I’d like to invite you to write to me with your own reviews of games – other than your own! I think you know what you love or even hate about your games, but how about other games we’re offering? I’ll go through and share choice quotes in upcoming articles. I’m sure you have opinions – I want to give you a chance to share them. Please send your submissions to

Speaking of sharing – Indiecade has just opened the doors for submissions for their 2009 competition. Visit the Indiecade website for more information.

Finally, today is Groundhog’s Day and apparently that silly ‘hog saw his shadow. That means six more weeks of winter, but that’s also six more weeks to stay indoors and make more games!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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