Creators Club Communiqué 14

Inauguration Day in America is very exciting! In the spirit of new chapters and community that a new President always brings we’ve gathered together links to XNA User Groups from all over the world! If you know of a user group that isn’t in this list and want to be included – please email me at!



Chris Williams: Twin Cities

George Clingerman: Portland, Oregon

Charley Jones : Las Vegas, Nevada

Rick Spencer : Dallas, Texas

Michael Cummings : Boston, Massachusetts



Leaf Garland and Robin Deitch: United Kingdom


Matthew Randall: Calgary, Canada

Riemer Grootjans: Belgium

Florian Maetschke: Germany


If you’re not close enough to rally to one of these groups, that’s okay! All around the web there are experts looking to share knowledges.

First up, our dear fiend (that is spelled correctly) Ziggy of Ziggyware fame wrote two bits of great stuff this week. One on Occulsion Culling and another on multi-threaded content loading using the XNA framework.

Our own Stephen “Rock Man” Stryrchak posted a fantastic tutorial on making your own custom game templates in XNA Game Studio 3.0.

Finally, many can’t be at the Inauguration, but Microsoft Silverlight is helping to create a really amazing Photosynth from those who can. It is worth checking out this piece user-generated history!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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