Creators Club Communiqué 13

Lucky number 13! Lots of hubbub this week, because everyone wants very much to see how their game is doing. Please be assured – the XNA team is hard at work to get everything about Xbox LIVE Community Games all set for you to enjoy.

We decided way back to release the platform and pipeline before we knew the business side of things would be finished to get this to the Creators as we could. The Premium Creators that have signed and read the Submission Agreement know this, because it was also outlined in their contract with us. The good news is that we’re still on track for spring! In fact you can find out what it will look like over on XNA Creators Club!

Meanwhile, Creators and fans of the XNA Framework have been busy as ever! Check out brand-new XNA MVP Pete’s Drawable Game Component Templates on his blog.

Shawn “Boom-Boom” Hargreaves is as busy as ever with two posts to his blog: one on pixel perfect collision detection using GPU occlusion queries and one about the various Zune batteries’ lifespan.

Drinkyn posted an interesting set of articles about Design Documents which is a great read for anyone getting ready to make a game.

Last week, we also revealed that pick-up-and-create-a-game game Kodu (previously known as Boku) will be coming to Xbox LIVE Community Games! You can learn more about it at XNA Creators Club.

Finally, I hope everyone is impressed by Bubba’s burrito eating ability. I know I was!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

Comments (4)

  1. BillReiss says:

    I can understand that the sales interface isn’t ready yet, but all I’d like to know (and a few other community games developers out there have been saying the same thing) is some ballpark estimates for sales for all games. If sales are averaging 5 sales per game per week for the top 10 I’ll probably focus on some of my other projects right now, but if it’s significantly higher then I have a few other game ideas I’d love to develop for community games. Without any idea of what sales are like I’ll just wait until March to decide whether to write my next community game.

  2. Sebastian B says:

    It’s good news that the business interface is doing well. We happy!

    Thanks Kathleen!

  3. Rodrigo Cardoso says:

    When these things is done, will memberships(and payments) of creator´s club be avaible to another countries (the ones that is not in the list) ? 🙂


  4. Rodrigo Cardoso says:

    Oops! "When these things ARE done (…)" 😀

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