Creators Club Communiqué 12

We’re back! Where have we been? Well, first up – Redmond (Microsoft Central) got hit by some wicked snow. The Pacific Northwest was built to handle rain, so when it turns white and fluffy–everything goes wrong. Then, of course, it was the holidays! We decided since we were all snowed in anyway that it was a good time to spend some time with family…that we were trapped with. 

Our own Shawn “Content Czar” Hargreaves was very busy over the holiday break (despite leaving the country), and crafted several great samples and tutorials. The first helps you to figure out how (and why) to split your code across multiple assemblies using the XNA Framework Content Pipeline. Shawn also offers pro-tips on polish to keep your gamers from getting angry at you. Then, because he’s heading overseas he decided to pay attention to managing battery life on his Zune, and to creating games for Zune using Landscape Mode.

He does his best, but Shawn isn’t the only person out there sharing knowledges. The Ziggyware Fall 2008 XNA Article Contest reached its exciting conclusion, too! First place was Skeel Keng-Siang Lee’s Introduction To Soft Body Physics, using XNA Game Studio 3.0. Second place went to our own XNA Creators Club MVP Catalin “Master of CCC” Zima, who offered his advice on Multi-threading for your XNA Game. Third place was awarded to Alexander Grafenstein for his tutorial Terrain with Geometry Clipmaps in XNA.

Finally, for anyone interested in what happens in the Seattle area when we get snow – here’s a great Flickr group for sharing photos of everyone’s adventures. Personally? I got to make a tiny dent in the giant list (over 100 games as of January 1, 2009!) of Xbox LIVE Community Games!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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