Creators Club Communiqué 10

We're back from stuffing ourselves with...well...stuffing and turkey and the like for Thanksgiving and boy howdy! There is a ton of news!

First up, we're opening up Singapore, Australia and New Zealand! Independent game creators in these regions will soon be able to sell their games on Xbox LIVE Community Games! You can read all the details about this over on XNA Creators Club.

Of course, the holiday saw no shortage of Community Games going up on LIVE Marketplace! We're at more than 60 games at last count! This means that the need for Peer Reviewers and Playtesters is greater than ever.

If you've got a game you're working on Playtest is a great way to get the feedback great Creators crave. If your game is in Peer Review or Playtest you should be Peer Reviewing and Playtesting other games! That's how our system works.

Our team has had a tiny sliver of downtime so they've taken it to offer up plenty for you to read! Aaron "Sapient Slyboots" Stebner wrote not one but TWO articles on creating installers for Windows games with XNA Game Studio 3.0.

It couldn't be a CCC without a post from our own Shawn "Intermediate Serializer" Hargreaves on serializing collections of shared resources.

Another member of our team, Frank "Laser Cat" Savage, served up an article about what's new with XNA Game Studio 3.0 on Gamasutra.

In the meantime, plenty of Creators have been sharing what they know. MVP Nick "La Enchanter" Gravelyn offered a glimpse into the life of a game built with the XNA Framework.

MVP George "Active Papa" Clingerman posted sage advice on making every second of the four-minute trial mode of your Xbox LIVE Community Game count.

MVP Michael "Ziggy" Morton shared a sample using LINQ in XNA for a particle system.

Finally, here's something the New York Times did called 'Immersion' and it is what your TV sees while you're playing Community Games.


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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  1. Rodrigo Cardoso says:

    Good! Just one question: When do the Brazilians will be able to sell their games in Community games?

    There is lot of potential there that you know ( City Rain, Trilinea).


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