Xbox LIVE Community Games is Open for Business!

Hopefully you've managed to upgrade yourself to the New Xbox Experience already!

Some people are reporting having trouble logging on to to sign the new Terms of Use. If that includes you, try signing this through your Xbox 360 console instead.  That is probably your quickest and easiest route back to Premium Creators Club membership status.

We've also got a new area just for Xbox LIVE Community Games over on the forums. This will be where we can send those earnest voices that don't necessarily want to make a game, but simply want to offer their opinions on the games created. Each Community Game will have its own thread created once it is available through Marketplace.

On Creators Club we've opened up the last piece of the site to the Creators -- the "My Business" portion of your profile is now live. If you're selling a Community Game or plan to sell one you need to give us your information there so we know where to send the check!

This is a pretty incredible day for all of us. We've managed to do something that no one has really done before. We've opened up the console and given independent game developers a chance to sell their work to the millions of Xbox LIVE gamers.

Our creators have submitted more than 30 different games that you can download now through the Community Games channel on the New Xbox Experience. Each game has something incredible to offer and speaks to the potential that waits beyond today. We really can't wait to see what happens next!

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