Creators Club Communiqué 09

Here we are at launch! As of tomorrow millions of Xbox LIVE Gamers will have access to almost 30 of your games through Xbox LIVE Community Games! Let's take a moment to think about how freakin' awesome that is!

Alright, back to dropping knowledges on you. As ever, our amazing community of creators is hard at work sharing what they know and with the help of MVP Catalin "Link Conjurer" Zima we've rounded up some gems for this week's communiqué.

MVP George "Control Diva" Clingerman has a great post about different ways of educating the player about what button does what when.

Bittermanandy served up a second course on dealing with garbage in C# as it relates to the XNA Framework.

Team XNA's own brilliant and benevolent Shawn "Max-treme" Hargreaves explains what makes the skybox blue (or whatever color you decide it should be in your game).

Kyle Hayward shared a rad water game component to help you include elements of extreme damp in your game.

Uruguay Pete kicked out a three-part series on extension methods with the XNA framework and if that's not enough on the topic -- MVP Nick "Serious as a" Gravelyn also posted on the topic!

Finally, this week we got to scream "SHIP IT!" and really mean it so I felt it was time to share this with all of you.


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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