New XNA Game Studio 3.0 Samples!

In anticipation of the launch of Xbox LIVE Community Games next Wednesday, November 19th we're doing all we can to help all our creators get their games ready for the world with articles on playtesting and Peer Review.

Many creators are just starting out or still building their masterpieces and Creators Club offers many resources for you, too!

Along with updating all existing content to work with XNA Game Studio 3.0 (including the Spacewar Starter Kit!) this week we'd like to share three new samples!

Localization Sample

This sample shows how to localize an XNA Framework game into multiple languages.

Safe Area Sample

This sample shows how to make an XNA Framework game display correctly on a wide range of different televisions.

Invites Sample

This sample shows how to support invites in a networked XNA Framework game.

If you have questions about these or anything else our incredible MVPs are waiting in the Creators Club forums to answer your questions!

Comments (3)

  1. guttertalk says:

    Is there a site that promotes Windows and Zune games made with XNA Creator? On Creators Club, I see only 360 games (in the approved list), which I understand since 360 games have to be reviewed and approved.

    But, even though the Windows and Zune games don’t require approval, is there a place to promote those games?

  2. 风海迷沙 says:

    新的XNA Game Studio代码实例可以下载了: 在下周三(11月19号)预期的Xbox LIVE 社区游戏将发布, 我们也准备好了帮助来自各地的开发者们游戏测试 和 评审。 也有许多开发者刚开始加入或是还在进行开发,我们开发者俱乐部也提供了许多游戏资源。 除了更新了所有以前的代码样例使之都可以支持XNA Game Studio 3.0 (包括Spacewar Starter Kit!) ,这周我们又发布了三个新的代码样例。 本地化(Localization Sample) 这部分代码展示如何通过XNA

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