Creators Club Communiqué 08

We are just one week from the launch of Xbox LIVE Community games! Hopefully, you've at least already submitted your games for playtest and are getting set for peer review. At last count I saw six games ready to go on the Community Games Marketplace with more to come!

Many Creators have been working hard to get their games ready for launch. One such Creator is treasured MVP George "Jefferson" Clingerman. He chronicled some of the lessons he learned from our Best Practices and shares them on his blog.

Another, equally treasured MVP Nick "Jefferson" Gravelyn hosted a three blog-jam this week with posts on managing storage devices, serialization of network packets, and his personal reflections on what he thinks can help anyone make better games.

Our own Dax "Jefferson" Hawkins penned a fantastic article on Xbox LIVE Community Games over on Gamasutra. It is a must-read.

Want to see where your games will end up on the New Xbox Experience? The ZMan is sharing a walk-through video of Xbox LIVE Community Games over on his site!

Finally, if you haven't joined already be sure to posse up on the XNA Creators Club Facebook group. Facebooks are what all the cool kids are using these days!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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