Creators Club Communiqué 07

Hopefully, you've all been busy finishing your game up to have it submitted to the pipeline and passed through playtest and then Peer Review in time for the opening of Xbox LIVE Community Games on November 19! Many of you have still found time to post some really rad stuff and the Communiqué is here to gather it all together.

Last week was full of events for Team XNA! Along with the XNA Game Studio 3.0 and Xbox LIVE Community Games Launch Party (more pics and video and developer interviews coming soon!) there was also the Professional Developers Conference! Michael Klutcher and Frank Savage presented a talk on XNA Game Studio which you can find via Michael's blog.

Shawn Hargreaves delivered an impressive trifecta of blog posts on Texture Compression with the XNA Framework.

Physics is hard and game physics can be even harder. Sean James offers a pretty sweet tutorial on physics within his series on an XNA Game Engine.

If your game is done and you're ready to submit Jim Perry has some pro-tips on submitting your game for Xbox LIVE Community Games. He takes a bit of time to explain the differences between playtest and peer review. We're also working on a few articles for Creators Club that should answer some questions folks have had about that.

Link shepherd and MVP Catalin Zima even had a pretty cool post this week! He shows you how to put Powerpoint into an XNA application. Before you say, "Whaaa? Huh? Someone else is making Super Marketing Presentation: The Game??!" think to yourself -- where could I use a cool slideshow in my game?

Finally, today is Election Day in the USA. Hopefully, you got out and voted and got your sticker!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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  1. YoYoFreakCJ says:

    PowerPoint in XNA? This sounds really awesome!

    I had a quick flipthrough through the articles you mentioned here, and they seem to be really helpful, especially the physics one.

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