Creators Club Communiqué 05

We're in do or die time around here. We're nearly ready to go gold with XNA Game Studio 3.0 and it is a bit like Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome meets "The Office" (the BBC version). Meanwhile, our creators' thirst for knowledge increases!

Our friend Pete posted a very helpful rundown on Content Managers including not just what to do, but what not to do.

If you're making games with XNA you already know about Ziggyware, if not you should! Ziggyware is hosting a contest where you could win a whole heep of rad stuff (including an Xbox 360 Elite) just for writing a tutorial! Be sure to check it out.

You want to learn more about building cross-platform games with XNA Game Studio 3.0? Our own Stephen "Junior Mint" Styrchak drops knowledge on your brain pans.

Our own beloved Mitch "Grandmaster Chief" Walker expanded on some of the ideas we laid out in the Best Practices article as relates to storage in XNA and how to avoid the dreaded "Storage API Hang of Fun".

It wouldn't be a CCC without a super brainy post from our own indomitable Shawn "El Loco" Hargreaves where he offers several good ways to implement instancing using vfetch.

Want to meet us in person?! You can check out all the buzz around XNA Game Studio 3.0 and Xbox LIVE Community Games at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference, October 27th – 30th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Our own Michael "Doctor Demo" Klucher and Frank "Revered Ancient" Savage will be there to demo XNA Game Studio at the Microsoft Product Pavilion and they’ll host an introduction to XNA Game Studio 3.0 at Wednesday’s Lunch Session. If you’re at PDC, stop by and say hello!

As ever, many thanks go out to the entire community for working together to make everyone's games that much better. Special thanks to MVP Catalin "Link Maniac" Zima for calling many of these to my attention. Sadly, everyone (except me, of course) seemed to miss the chimp making an escape on a seqway.


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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