Inevitable Things: Taxes and Twitter

So, we've posted some very important information for anyone creating a Community Game that hopes to sell it through Xbox LIVE Community Games starting on November 19. The information relates to taxes and such so you should definitely check it out at Creators Club.

We've also started our own Twitter feed! You can follow us by visiting!

One last bit of news -- we got a visit from Major Nelson this week! He was kind enough to check in and ask us about Xbox LIVE Community Games! We're thankful to the Major for his time and attention - I hope we get to visit him again soon!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

Comments (2)

  1. grnemo says:

    Following now 😀

    Greetings from Greek MVP :D:D

  2. darkvamp says:

    Hey kathleen 🙂

    At last I know why my lovely 1up-shop isn´t that good as before 🙁 Cool to see You on the xna front ! Good choice !

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