Creators Club Communiqué 03

Last week we had to bid farewell to Charles Cox, content producer and all-around swell guy. Thankfully, this community and this team doesn't let that slow them down. We're all working hard to help you create the best games you can in preparation for the release of XNA Game Studio 3.0 on [REDACTED], 2008 and the launch of Xbox LIVE Community Games on [REDACTED], 2008!

One of the features that we added in the XNA Game Studio 3.0 beta is ClickOnce publishing support for XNA Framework-based Windows games.  Aaron "Code Paladin" Stebner  went over the behind-the-scenes details for this feature and explained how to configure and use it in a Windows game.

In a fit of productivity Pete took it upon himself to convert all of the Creators Club XNA Game Studio 2.0 samples to 3.0 using the beta! Check them out! Like anything we link here, they aren't official so use them with care. Let Pete know if you find any problems, too.

XNA MVP George "Maverick" Clingerman fashioned a cool way of placing controller images inline with the text in his game. He shares this sample on his website,

Having trouble with collision detection? Sure, we all do. Four-Two games offers two sweet tutorials on 2-D Collision Detection and Response.

Our own beloved Michael "Rock Star" Klucher has a sweet inside look at the new XNA Game Studio Connect complete with secret screenshots. Have a look at his blog!

Finally, this week many people head to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show. I highly recommend this particular eatery, because you are served by trained monkeys.


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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