Creators Club Communiqué 02

It looks like everything came through the Xbox LIVE downtime with flying colors. Sadly, the stock market didn't fare so well yesterday. Coincidence? Who could say?

Meanwhile, in the world of XNA Game Studio and making rad games to share on Community Games there were lots of good nuggets of learning and doing.

Here at Creators Club Online we finally launched a new section of the 2D Tutorial featuring videos from our brilliant community! In the coming months we're hoping to share more of the tutorial videos that you guys have shared with us. In addition to that we've posted a new sample which demonstrates basic artificial intelligence navigation in 2D, using waypoints 

Nazeeh's Little Corner of the Web offered a really comprehensive look at developing games for the Zune. Although Community Games doesn't work for other platforms, yet, we hope it can someday.

More Zune-centric love could be found at BadCorporateLogo. Our own Stephen "Super Striker" Styrchak offered a helpful post about Debugging Games on Zune with XNA:GS 3.0.

XNA Development teammate Eli "Master Mind Freak" Tayrien addresses some questions about what audio formats the XNA content pipeline can accept, and what formats it converts to on his blog. This should help those of you that are wondering how your wav, wma, and mp3 files are converted to prepare them for your game.

Finally, one bit of Internet wonder courtesy of MVP/Wunderkind Catalin Zima. Behold the Ninja Cat.

As ever, if you have anything you would like to submit for upcoming communiqués, please send them our way to


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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    Is XNA:GS3.0 still on track for a holiday 08 release?

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