Congratulations Torpex Games!

Michael Klucher
Program Manager - XNA Game Studio

On behalf of all the XNA team, we'd like to extend our congratulations to our friends at Torpex Games for shipping Schizoid today on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Here is some information about Schizoid.

Cooperative gameplay is redefined in the fast-paced and unique Schizoid! Control red and blue ships, ramming them into enemies of the same color to destroy them. But be careful, because if you hit the opposite color, you will be destroyed. Quick thinking and quicker reflexes help you seize victory, but sharp teamwork provides the best chance of earning gold medals along the way. Schizoid offers more than 120 levels of challenge, playable in either single-player or co-op mode, plus the brain-melting Uberschizoid hardcore mode, in which one player controls both ships!

Schizoid also is the first game to be released commercially on the Xbox 360 that was built completely using XNA Game Studio! It looks like their creativity hasn't gone unnoticed, as Penny Arcade has bestowed Schizoid as one of the PAX 10 winners for gameplay and "fun factor"!

Again, our congratulations to the Torpex Games team on their launch. Give it a try today on Xbox LIVE Arcade!

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  1. Hurrah Torpex! I remember the demo of this game Schizoid at last year’s Gamefest booths..such a wild

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