2D Game Tutorial Now Available!

The XNA team is pleased to announce the release of the 2D Game Creation video tutorial. Over 2 hours of in-depth video tutorials are now available for all creators to view. Each video is available at a resolution of 800x600 ensuring you can actually read the code 😉

  • In this 2D tutorial you will learn about:
  • XNA Game Studio project creation
  • Adding art assets to a project
  • Displaying background art
  • Sprites
  • Simple collision techniques
  • Scoring
  • Font usage
  • Keyboard and Gamepad input
  • Basic C# programming within the XNA Framework

Get going at the Getting Started page!

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  2. Tutorial sulla programmazione con XNA

  3. 2D Game Tutorial Now Available!The XNA team is has announced the release of the 2D Game Creation video…

  4. Hurrah Torpex! I remember the demo of this game Schizoid at last year’s Gamefest booths..such a wild

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