“Robot Game” to be released this Friday!

The XNA Team is excited to announce details about the upcoming release of the mini game, Robot Game. Robot Game was developed by Zepetto, a South Korean game development company. Previously released titles include Vulcanus for the PSP and several games for mobile platforms.

Robot Game is a three-dimensional robot combat game that demonstrates the following components:

  • Advanced graphics using shaders and post-processing effects Advanced particle system
  • Collision detection, 3D positional sound, input, and screens management
  • Single-player mode and split-screen two-player versus mode
  • Customizable game elements, such as robots, weapons, and items


It will be available for all XNA Creators Club Premium Members to download on Friday 6/27/2008 at 12pm PST. The project includes all source and art assets which you are free to use as the basis for your own XNA Game Studio game projects.

Further details, including additional screenshots and a video are available at the Creators Club Online web site (http://creators.xna.com/en-us/minigame/robotgame and http://forums.xna.com/forums/t/13265.aspx).

Comments (2)

  1. QUADgnim says:

    It looks awesome, and I’m very excited about having access to the source code.  I’m especially interested at the model animations that are being applied.  Are you also including the .3ds model so we can see how it was assembled, or is it just a .x model?  

    One suggestion: shouldn’t the reticle be in front of the mech?  Even though you’re viewing it from 3rd person, the reticle is supposed to represent the mech’s point of view, so it should be in front.  IMHO.

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