Announcing: Dream-Build-Play 2008

The XNA team is proud to announce Dream-Build-Play 2008, a global competition to see who can create the best game for the Xbox 360 using XNA Game Studio 2.0.  This year’s participants will be competing for $75,000 in prizes and the bragging rights to say their game was the best. In addition, one of the top ten finalists will have a chance at an Xbox LIVE publishing contract.


  • 1st            $40,000
  • 2nd           $20,000
  • 3rd            $10,000
  • 4th            $5,000

Last year’s Dream-Build-Play was an outstanding success as we extended the four top entries opportunities to sign Xbox LIVE Arcade publishing agreements.  We will begin to see those winning games released later this year on Xbox LIVE Arcade. This year’s contest will feature Xbox360 development only and to ensure that everyone has access, we will be giving away one free 12-Month XNA Creators Club Trial membership to everyone that registers. For more information and your chance to create the next great hit log on to

Comments (7)

  1. BenS1 says:

    Excellent! Especially as I was actually planning on buying a Creators Club membership tommorow, so the 12 month trial is very welcome.

    I can see I’ll be very busy for the next few months….

  2. Machaira says:

    Can we get some clarification on the code requirement for submissions since the Judging Criteria section states:

    "the structure, readability and level of documentation of the code."

    but the submission section states just the .ccgame package gets submitted, not the actual code.

  3. In Dream-Build-Play 2008 you can build your dream game to compete with other game developers around the

  4. Michael Klucher says:

    Machaira, You may have seen some old cached data we are only accepting ccgame packgages and not source code so documentation of the code is irrelevant.

  5. Well I see over at the XNA Team Blog they have announced the latest Dream Build Play competition for

  6. Wurm's Blog says:

    If you are into XNA two new contests have been announced, The Game On Sweepstakes where you do stuff to get entered in a drawing to win some prizes and the Second full Dream Build Play . This time you get a good reason to sign up a 12 month trail subscription

  7. ceptri says:

    Just a question – I signed up for dream build play and connected my 12 month trial account, but it won’t let me add a project (it says I my membership is "registered" as opposed to "premium" (I’m guessing here)).  Do I need to pay the $99 to be able to enter the contest?

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