Calling All Games REDUX!

Dave Mitchell
Product Unit Manager - XNA Community Team

With the launch of our Community Games on Xbox LIVE (beta), I’d like to issue a renewed call for our entire Creator community to submit their games written using XNA Game Studio 2.0 for distribution over Xbox LIVE.  The newly launched site is in beta and we’re still looking at the official release later this holiday.  There is no better time than now to take the system for a test drive.  We have several different roles for all of our XNA Creators Club Premium members:

- Create & Submit:  Create your dream games or something wacky just for fun using XNA Game Studio 2.0

- Peer Review:  Check out and review games submitted by your peers and help the community overall to create and share the best games possible

- Play:  XNA Creators Club Premium members in the USA can also download and play the games directly from Xbox LIVE Marketplace after games successfully pass Peer Review

So whether you have a game and want to share it, simply enjoy reviewing games that others are creating and submitting or just want to play all the amazing games created by your peers – there’s more than enough for all our Creators to do!  Over 20 games have already made their way to Xbox LIVE Marketplace and more are on their way! 

Comments (2)

  1. bradowado says:

    Downloading XNA games on Xbox needs to be MUCH clearer. It took me quite a while before I saw that you had to press Y to see a list of games! Why is this different from the rest of the way the marketplace works where games are listed automatically? It just makes no sense to me…

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