Announcing: Community Games on Xbox LIVE Beta

David "LetsKillDave" Weller

Program Manager - XNA Community


Today, we delivered on the promise we made at GDC to democratize game development with the launch of the newly designed XNA Creators Club Online Web site and the highly anticipated beta of Community Games on Xbox LIVE. When we announced this new service at GDC 2008, it was met with great excitement around the world. Now we’re pleased to offer you an opportunity to interact with this new site and test out the distribution pipeline to Xbox LIVE!  If you’re a already a  premium member, you will be able to join us in the Community Games on Xbox LIVE Beta immediately, where you can submit your games and review others games, and enjoy playing  them on Xbox LIVE! If you are not a member, sign up today and get involved in making game development history.


We’re extremely excited about what we have to offer – this effort represents, quite literally, several developer-years of work, and we’re proud to show it off! 


Here are a few cool things we encourage you to check out:

1)      The Quick Start Guide will take you on a tour of all the features of the new site plus a guided tour of how the community games distribution pipeline works.

2)      The new Education Content Catalog lets you find content quickly by type or development area

3)      The new Role Playing Game Starter Kit – sure to stimulate your need for creating your own “old school” RPG-style game

4)      The new Community Spotlight area, featuring interviews and articles from amazing community contributors (and sometimes a “celebrity interview”)


We encourage you, no matter what your game development expertise, to visit the new XNA Creators Club Online Web site, at, to see the new changes for yourself!


For premium members, we strongly encourage you to submit and review games of all types during the Beta. Our goal is to give the community the ability to fully test the functionality of these new features so that we can give you the best experience possible at the time of our final release. 


P.S. – Don’t forget to read the welcome note from our Community Team leader, Dave Mitchell!


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  1. El dia de hoy David " LetsKillDave " Weller (Program Manager – XNA Community) publico en el

  2. RobU's Blog says:

    Check out the announcement of the new XNA Creators Club Web Site on the XNA team blog. The creators club

  3. Dataman says:


    The new site is really beautiful.

    Love the hip colors and functionality.

    Well done.

    Posted on our first games as a club on the site.

    Looking forward to feedback.

    Charley Jones, Founder & President,

    Las Vegas XNA Users Group – LVXUG.Com

  4. Dataman says:

    …but Dave,

    Our XBOX Gamer Pic is our personality.

    Would rather see that than a new Creators Pic.

    (Hmmm, hint?  Post creators pics as Gamer Tag Pics!!!)

  5. says:

    Those of us with a 12-month trial from Dreamspark are left out? How very not nice. 🙁

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  8. As announced in this post on the XNA team blog, there is a new version of the XNA Creators Club web site

  9. Satisfy Me says:

    Mike Tholfsen is an energetic and dedicated senior test manager at Microsoft, and I’ve had the pleasure

  10. Mitch Walker says:

    Since I last wrote about XACT compression over a year ago. Let’s see: We released XNA Game Studio 2.0

  11. Virtual says:

    Interesting post, thanks for all, where can I find more information about this.

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