Channel 9 Video – Michael Klucher discusses developing games for the Zune

David "LetsKillDave" Weller

Program Manager - XNA Community


We invite you to view this sneak peek video on Zune development with XNA Game Studio, featuring our own XNA Game Studio Program Manager, Michael Klucher.  In this video, Michael describes some of the history and challenges the XNA Game Studio team faced when implementing support for the Zune platform, plus demonstrates how to build and deploy a game on the Zune.  If you’re passionate about the future of mobile gaming, you’ll consider this to be a well-spent 17 minutes!


Comments (3)

  1. Michael Pearce says:

    Hi David/Mike,

    I asked this question some time back in the early days of XNA (beta 1.0), but given the developments of recent times, I’ll ask again:

    Is there any intention to port XNA to Windows Mobile?

    Even a restricted engine, like the one for the Zune (i.e. 2d only) would be fantastic.  It would be really nice to have a modern framework with which to develop managed games on Windows Mobile.  Managed DirectX on Windows Mobile is pretty much dead due to th desktop version being deprecated, has poor support and virtually no documentation.

    Looking forward to your response.



  2. says:

    This morning I was excited to see a tweet that the XNA games studio 3.0 CTP is out. With the tweet, came the reminder to make sure you read the accompanying README information. So after folloing the link to the download site, I find this in the readme:

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