Gamefest Webcasts: Keynote PLUS first day of XNA Game Studio track!

Michael Klucher
Program Manager - XNA Community Game Platform

You may have caught this earlier on but if not, here's some great news for those of you unable to make to Gamefest this year:

We are delighted to announce that we will be webcasting the keynote, along with six sessions from the first day of the XNA Game Studio track, for Gamefest 2007 on August 13th.  Here's the rundown on what you can see:

Time Talk Title Speaker
09:00-09:55am Opening day Keynote Chris Satchell
10:00-10:55am What's New in XNA Game Studio 2.0 Mitch Walker
11:05-12:00pm Pre-Mortem:  Torpex Games' Schizoid Jamie Fristrom & Bill Dugan (Torpex Games)
1:30-2:25pm The Costs of Managed Code: The Avoidable and the Unavoidable Rico Mariani
2:35-3:30pm Understanding XNA Framework Performance Shawn Hargreaves
4:00-4:55pm Networking with the XNA Framework Mitch Walker & Shawn Hargreaves
4:00-4:55pm XNA Game Studio for Fun and Profit Frank Savage

*NOTE: All times are Pacific Time

We anticipate high bandwidth demand while the sessions are live, but don't despair if things are slow, we will be offering links to watch it on-demand for quite some time afterward!

Be sure to visit this link to watch the Gamefest 2007 webcasts!

Comments (5)

  1. Ultrahead says:

    The first webcast has started right now … great!

  2. Stefan Virag says:

    Guys this is GREAT, but my internet connection is really bad so I missed it there a chance to make this content downloadable later on?


    -Stefan V.

  3. Ultrahead says:

    The first session were so great, thus is it possible for you guys to also webcast the second day?

  4. DMThomas says:

    Are you planning on postings all the GameFest 2007 videos/audio/presentations for "on demand" viewing?

  5. DMThomas says:


    "we will be offering links to watch it on-demand for quite some time afterward! "

    Is it coming soon? I only caught the end of the presentations live, and I’m dying to check this stuff out.

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