Torque X Now Available for XNA Creators Club Members!

Earlier this year at GDC we announced a series of partnerships with several companies that will provide premium benefits to our 4 month and annual members of the XNA Creators Club. Today we are pleased to announce that Torque X and Torque X Builder ($100 USD value) from GarageGames are now available as free downloads for premium members only from the XNA Creators Club Online web site.  

"Torque X is a completely new engine designed from the bottom up to harness the power of XNA. It is written entirely in C# and includes many of the best features of other Torque Technologies. The result is the most powerful C# game engine on the planet."

"Torque X works with Torque X Builder (TXB) to combine the power and flexibility of a full-fledged C#-based game engine with the 2D drag-and-drop game-creation functionality found in the Torque Game Builder Toolset. TXB is a specially modified version of TGB designed to work specifically with Torque X. As with the TGB Toolset, TXB gives easy access to particle effect creation and manipulation, tiles, and level building."

You can find more information about GarageGames and Torque X by visiting their web site here. For information about becoming an XNA Creators Club Member, please follow this link.

Comments (2)

  1. nfurtwangler says:

    Nice, can’t wait to play with it!

  2. Machaira says:

    I get an error when running the install – it prompts me to register C# Express when it’s already registered. I posted a message over on the GG boards. Anyone else getting this error?

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