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Michael Klucher
Program Manager – XNA Community Game Platform Team

This week brought us a new release of XNA Game Studio Express and now some great new content for You’ll find a list of the new additions below. Once you’ve found what you like, head over to the website and check it out!

Racing Game (Starter Kit)

It’s finally here! This starter kit provides a complete XNA Game Studio Express game, including source code and game content such as models, textures, and sounds.

Racing Game is a 3D auto racing game that features advanced graphics, audio, and input processing. Race around the track and try to beat the ghost car to achieve the best time.

New Samples

  • Bloom

    This sample shows how to use bloom post-processing filters to add a glow effect over the top of an existing scene.

  • Render 2D Lines and Points

    This sample shows how to extend the Spacewar VectorShape code to create PrimitiveBatch, which can be used to easily draw points, lines, and triangles on the screen.

  • Game State Management

    This sample shows how to manage the transitions between different menus and gameplay states.

  • 3D Audio

    This sample shows how to position sounds in 3D space, implementing panning, Doppler, and distance attenuation effects.

  • Particles 2D

    This sample introduces the concept of a particle system, and shows how to draw particle effects by using SpriteBatch. Two particle effects are demonstrated: an explosion and a rising plume of smoke.

  • Shader Series 1: Vertex Shaders

    This sample shows one of the most basic uses of shader effects - vertex lighting.


  • Data Structure Article

    This series of articles is an introduction to using data structures in games, with several game-specific examples of using data structures, and a quick-reference data structure performance "cheat sheet."

  • Shader Series Introduction article

    This article is an introduction to the Shader Series, a set of samples, tutorials, and articles that allow an intermediate 3D developer to begin to explore the programmable graphics pipeline.

  • Shader Series supplemental article – FFP to Programmable
    This supplemental article is a quick guide to the differences between fixed-function graphics architecture present in Direct3D9 and the programmable pipeline architecture used in the XNA Framework.

  • Shader Series supplemental article – Coordinate Systems

    This supplemental article outlines the different coordinate spaces that are necessary to understand when creating shaders.


  • Advanced Audio Series Tutorial #1

    This tutorial shows how to use the Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT) to add dynamic pitch and volume audio effects that respond to game actions.

  • Advanced Audio Series Tutorial #2

    This tutorial shows how to use the Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT) to add 3D audio effects to your game.

  • All tutorial videos are now available for downloading and viewing offline.


  • Bitmap Font Maker Utility

    This utility converts Windows TrueType fonts into .bmp files that can be imported using the XNA Framework Content Pipeline. This allows you to modify the rendered font .bmp file before loading it into your game, and to add effects such as drop shadows and embossing to your fonts.

  • Controller Graphics

    This utility is a set of Xbox 360 Controller and controller button graphics that you can use in your game.

That’s a lot of content, all of which will help you build games with all the great features that you want. As always, if you have suggestions for new and additional content, visit our forums to discuss or leave your feedback on our blog!

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  1. This week brought us a new release of XNA Game Studio Express and now some great new content for the

  2. Stefan Virag says:

    Awesome guys!

    I really like the way site progresses!At this speed, for a year, site will be every game developer’s one stop source..

    Kind regards,


  3. JoelMartinez says:

    I’d better get busy reading 😀  but seriously … this is definitely a good direction.  The ability to draw from a pool of common sample code when you want to do something (as in bloom/post-processing) will come to be invaluable for the community.

  4. coldacid says:

    Geez, you guys just love to spoil us, don’t you?! Not that I’m complaining, I just gotta say thanks! 😀

  5. There’s a whole bunch of new content up on the XNA Creators Club website. Rather than have me enumerate it all, you’d be best off to check it out for yourself. Included in the update, however, is an entire racing game packaged as a starter kit. Have fun

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