XNA Game Studio Express Sessions at GDC

Michael Klucher
Program Manager – XNA Community Game Platform Team

As we start the Game Developers Conference, you may be looking for what events the XNA Community Game Platform Team has going on. The list below simply covers the efforts around XNA Game Studio Express, check out the GDC Conference agenda for the complete list of Microsoft’s sessions.

XNA Game Studio Express Challenge
Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location (room): XNA Lobby Bar

Come by the XNA Lobby Bar and watch four game development teams comprised of members from the XNA Game Studio Express community as they develop four games in four days. GDC attendees will get an opportunity to witness each game transform from four designs to four playable demos in real time.  We’ll be sure to provide you with updates here on our blog as well as over at http://creators.xna.com.

XNA Game Studio Express: Deep Dive
Frank Savage
Tuesday (March 6, 2007)   10:45-11:45am
Location (room): Room 3010, West Hall
Experience Level: Intermediate
Session Description
This presentation offers an in-depth look into the recently released XNA Game Studio Express with emphasis on the XNA Framework and its technical capabilities. We will explore the potential for prototyping and creating Xbox LIVE Arcade titles in the professional game development arena. This talk will feature demonstrations of the capabilities of Game Studio Express and the XNA Framework on both Windows and Xbox 360.

Consumers to Creators: The road to XNA Game Studio Express
Speaker: Chris Satchell (General Manager, Game Developer Group, Microsoft Corporation), Boyd Multerer (XNA Manager, Microsoft)
Date/Time: Wednesday (March 7, 2007)   12:00pm — 1:00pm
Location (room): Room 132, North Hall
Experience Level: All
Session Description
XNA Game Studio Express marks a new direction for how Microsoft engages with the wider gaming eco-system and how it thinks about what consumers can do with their retail console. This talk examines the winding road that took XNA from a "vision" at GDC 04 to the release of XNA Game Studio Express in December 06. This is an inside look at the how and why of the decisions that shaped the current direction of the project and the lessons learned along the way.
The talk draws parallels with efforts outside of Microsoft and outside the medium of gaming and looks as the results of the v1 launch against aspirations of the team. Finally the community reaction is examined and the potential implications for the closed console eco-system.

XNA Game Studio Express Hands-On Workshop
Speaker: Charles Cox
Date/Time:  Thursday, March 8 - 12-2pm & Friday, March 9 - 2:30-4:30pm
Location (room): Room 2011, West Hall
Experience Level: All

Session Description
Come see XNA Game Studio Express in action! Try Game Studio Express and see your creations come to life on Windows and Xbox 360. This workshop will include step-by-step instructions to get you up to speed on Microsoft's most recent game creation tool for casual and hobbyist game developers.

XNA Game Studio Express
Speaker: Mitch Walker (Program Manager, Microsoft)
Date/Time: Thursday (March 8, 2007)   10:30am — 11:30am
Location (room): Room 3002, West Hall
Experience Level: All
Session Description
Building games for Windows and Xbox 360 has never been easier. With XNA Game Studio Express, hobbyist and casual game developers can see their visions come to light in a matter of minutes instead of months. Come see XNA Game Studio Express in action and learn how to take full advantage of this powerful framework and its associated development tools. This session will also provide a first look at some of the new features the XNA Game Studio team is working on.

To get into the Microsoft Developer Day Sessions (XNA Game Studio Express: Deep Dive), Sponsored Sessions (XNA Game Studio Express), and Hands-on Workshops (XNA Game Studio Express Hands-On Workshop), you’ll need at least a Classic Pass. You can find more info on pass pricing and restrictions at http://www.gdconf.com. Thanks for your interest in our sessions, and I hope to see you there!

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  1. Just idag öppnar GDC (Game Developers Conference) i San Fransisco (och jag är inte där, snyft)… XNA

  2. AGE says:

    The XNA team has some GDC news to report as well as their XNA Game Studio session schedule. Read on …

  3. Machaira says:

    Man, I really wanted to get to the GDC this year and now I regret even more not being able to make it. Hopefully the MVP Summit sessions next week will make up for it.

  4. It’s that magical time of year again, when game developers engage at the Game Developers Conference and

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