GDC ’07 – Will You Be There?

Michael Klucher
Program Manager – XNA Game Studio

Every year the Game Developers Conference (which takes place this year March 5 – 9 in San Francisco) is something we look forward to.  It’s not just the great sessions and workshops, but also because it’s a great chance to get to know you – the people that use XNA Game Studio Express. (Stay tuned for more information about our own XNA Game Studio Express sessions and workshops in a future post.) For that reason, we want to know what your plans for GDC are. Why? Well, we had so much fun at the XNA Game Studio Express launch party open-house that we’re considering hosting another informal event to get to know more of you in San Francisco. 

If you plan on going to GDC let us know! We’d really also like some information around what you’d like to see from us. What information about XNA Game Studio Express would you find helpful? What are your general goals for attending GDC, and what’s your background in gaming and the games industry?  Have you used XNA Game Studio Express?  You can leave a comment on this post or drop us a line at We hope to see you there!

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  1. AGE says:

    Read on for some recent news in the Developers Corner … — GDC’07 – Will you be there? : Are you an XNA Studio Express user? The XNA team would like to meet you … — Mortal Kombat team using Unreal 3 engine for next game : Could there be another MK

  2. dishmal says:

    I’ll be there to meet and greet!  Anyone going to IMGDC?  Would be cool to see XNA stuff there.

  3. mikeschuld says:

    They really should schedule these events closer to spring break or summer so us college students had a change to attend :/ There in spirit instead.

  4. SpiralEdge says:

    Way too expensive. The only passes worth getting are all above 1k.

    I’d rather put that money into my game.

    I live in San Francisco, and I’m creating a game with XNA, but as I said, GDC isn’t worth the amount of cash you’ll be spending.

  5. kierepka says:

    Yes for me is also too expensive. I’m living in Poland 😉

  6. Rob Miles says:

    I’m going to be there. I’m even giving a tiny presentation on teaching C# with XNA in the IGDA Game Education SIG Case Blasts. Should be fun.

  7. Lima Beans says:

    Im going —

    Im a professional game developer, and am making a game using XNA GSE in my free time.

    Would love to see some XNA lectures, and see examples of games done in XNA. Are there any announced yet?

  8. VastParker says:

    2 of our team will be there. Actually we’re very interested in finding out some details as we’re very tempted by XNA even though it will be a significant change to our project ( due for beta release very soon.

  9. xnanoob says:

    I think I am going, but I am not sure what GDC pass to get.

    Both XNA workshops such as Microsoft Game Developers Hands On Workshop on Wednesday, and XNA Game Studio Express on Thursday (10:30am — 11:30am) are noted as sponsored lectures.

    Can I access these workshops with a tutorial-only pass?

  10. ActiveNick says:

    I’ll be there. I’m actually attending as a press/media analyst for CoDe Magazine as I am working on a few XNA pieces. I’m especially interested in gauging the industry response to XNA and i have a number of interviews scheduled with various game studios and technology companies.

    I’m also acting as producer and lead architect for a small independent studio who has a booth at GDC, so I’ll be there for that too.

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