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Dave Mitchell
Director | XNA

your dream game - build it today - millions may play it tomorrow

Things are shaping up incredibly well on the Dream.Build.Play. front.  We're finalizing a few remaining details before flipping the switch on the site over at http://www.dreambuildplay.com.  Don't head over there just yet, we'll do that switch flipping within the next week for sure but not within the next 24 hours.

As with XNA Game Studio Express, we're going to break from convention and look to do a few different things with Dream.Build.Play.  This contest is about you - you the members of our XNA community and an opportunity to put gaming consumers in the spotlight as creators of compelling gaming entertainment.  We're about done lining everything up for you to take center stage and step within the spotlight.  Are you?  Do you have your game idea ready?  Are you working on assembling a team?  Have you started to prototype your game yet?  If the answer to these questions is "no" then you've got some ground to start making up but the good news is that its not too late!

Nobody should feel rushed to complete their entry for Dream.Build.Play.  The specific timeframes will be announced soon but I can say that everyone will have ample time to design, develop and polish their games.  After all, we're not after samples here... we're looking for the next blockbuster game that's lurking in your dreams!  So for once, bite off more than you can chew and with the help of this great community and XNA Game Studio Express, make that killer dream game a reality.

A few details I will share:

  • Dream.Build.Play. is a global competition
  • There will be more than one winner
  • There will be more than one chance to win
  • We have fantastic sponsorships from a number of partners
  • XNA Creators Club members will really appreciate ... [snip]
  • The Grand Prize is an incred... [damn I really must run to that meeting now.  sorry folks!] 🙂

Comments (26)

  1. Mordt says:

    Good God, Can you NOT build up anticipation any further. Your driving me nuts 🙂

  2. Chr0n1x says:

    You mention you are looking for "the next blockbuster game that’s lurking in your dreams!".

    So does that mean we might be getting networking capability sometime before the end of this competition? We all know great games have great multiplayer. 😀

  3. Machaira says:

    OK, that wasn’t nice! Tease us like that and run away like a little girl! 😉 😀

    Yes, I have my idea(s), I have a team (kinda), and I’m  actively working on it already. :p

  4. RogerKlado says:

    Any chance we could git dem skinned animation samples in time to help with the compelling factor? That would be a nice head start.

  5. BlogFrog says:

    Hi, does anyone know what happens to the copyright status for ‘homebrew’ games uploaded to this service?  Does the author retain the copyright?

    Also, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is yet in place a way to sell games developed with XNA.  If there is a way, is it at this time limited to only the Windows XNA "environment" / platform, or is it also for the Xbox XNA runtime environment?  Thanks in advance for any help or information!

  6. Machaira says:

    @BlogFrog: I’m fairly sure the author will retain the rights to the game, but you’ll have to check the rules once they’re released.

    Also, MS isn’t going to put anything in place for selling XNA games for the PC (which is the only platform for which you can sell at this time) AFAIK. That’s up to the developer. There’s numerous sites that exist to sell indie games. You could even set up a site yourself and use PayPal to sell it.

  7. rohitgonsalves says:

    will it be ok to have great 2d game?

  8. AGE says:

    Recent updates on the game development front: – Id/John Carmack receive Emmy award in 3d Software Engine Development – Crytek to demo CryEngine 2 at GDC2007 – Tao 2.0 RC1 Released (Framework for .NET) – dream.build.play contest to be launched this week

  9. Machaira says:

    I’m guessing that the site will open tomorrow. 🙂

  10. powerbib@hotmail.com says:

    I am glad I had the idea of browsing to the team blog this month! Otherwise I would have missed this kind of major announcements once again. 😐

    I just started to work on some project using C++ but I am seriously thinking about revisiting our plans in the context of this new competition.

  11. Retro3D says:

    You better unfold this contest today, because us on central european time are already in the last day of January. And I’ll bug for VB.NET support as I’m already writing this 🙂 We’ll poke you until you get it out and all of us VBers can work on full power.

  12. RogerKlado says:

    Last day of january and 7 days makes a week to be within. I’ll give u guys a frowning plus a rasberry.

  13. hjoe says:

    Ok the new site is live now. I’ll just have to wait one week for the contest details ;-).

    The registration form seems to be designed for U.S. participants only. The country field is missing am I’m not able to enter international phone numbers (cannot enter enough digits but this field is mandatory). Hope this will be fixed soon.

  14. mikeschuld says:

    Registration is completely failing for me. The homepage also sometimes simply returns ASP parse errors.

  15. josef@lifelineit.com says:

    hjoe is right, registration seems to require a US address. I’m in Canada and I can’t register.

    I hope that this is fixed soon given that "Dream.Build.Play. is a global competition". 😉

  16. kierepka says:

    Registration is just for US

    (code, area, phone etc.)

    You should fix it ASAP…

  17. davidrawle says:

    The XNA Dream Build Play registration page omitted Tennessee! We have great developers here…and the #1 team in the NHL.

  18. ChronosLink says:

    WHAT…how come canadians cant get in..and why do u have to be 18??

  19. Pasco says:

    If there is a 50MB size limit for the games, I am going to start killing cute puppies.

    What’s the point of giving people super powerful hardware and then artificially put considerable limits on it? There are Neo Geo games that are bigger than that.

  20. rohitgonsalves says:

    Registration seems to be for an individual. What if I am in team? What if we need to register as a team? Can we add team members name also. and some radio boxes which should tell individual or Team…

  21. hackman_3vilGuy says:

    Why do you have to be 18??? No fair!!!

  22. Machaira says:

    @hackman_3vilGuy: Umm, because there’s legal stuff involved. That’s the real world, get used to it. 🙂

    Still no update on the site as far as the prizes and how to play pages. I guess the team is gonna make us wait until the end of the week huh? :p 🙁

  23. davidrawle says:

    Or later, it seems. Just keep working…

  24. henrik51 says:

    Hmmm, I saw this sort of stuff with Indrema when they started having financial problems.  Fancy websites would be set up saying, "Check here on date xyz for more info!"  Then date XYZ would come and go, and no info.  Then another "coming soon" site would go up, along with a big apology to everyone that was waiting for the SDK for the thing.

    Maybe XNA is falling apart internally?  Or the 360 as a whole?

  25. What’s this? try http://www.dreambuildplay.com Want a bit more of info? Read what Dave Mitchell wrote about

  26. rohitgonsalves says:

    XBOX live services are not launhed in INDIA. Can still I get the membership for XNA Creators club.?

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