Parental Controls and the XNA Creators Club

Michael Klucher
Program Manager - XNA Game Studio

If you share your Xbox 360 with your children at home, you are familiar with the parental control settings on your Xbox 360. If you’re not, you can find more information about how to protect your family from playing unwanted titles by visiting the Family Settings page on

Several people have reported that they don't see the XNA Creators Club category when browsing for games as outlined in our launch post. This is because content above your allowed Game Rating is hidden when you browse Xbox Live Marketplace.

The XNA Creators Club and XNA Game Launcher are considered to be "Unrated." Unrated content means the content cannot be seen on Xbox Live Marketplace unless you select "Allow All Games" on your console. Once you have downloaded the XNA Game Launcher and purchased a subscription to the XNA Creators Club, you can set your desired family setting restriction again, and then enter your pass code when you run XNA Game Launcher and select "Connect to Computer."

I hope this helps explain a bit about Family Settings and how they are used with the XNA Creators Club. If you're unfamiliar with game ratings and what they mean, please visit the Family Settings page on the Xbox Web site. More information about ratings in the US can be found on

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