Video: Getting Started with the XNA Creators Club

Christina Storm
Group Program Manager – XNA Game Studio

Before the holiday break, we trekked to Microsoft Studios for a 1-day video shoot. Our goal was to show how to connect your Windows development PC to your Xbox 360 in order to deploy a game to your console using XNA Game Studio Express. This video demonstrates how to download the tools to your Windows PC, purchase a membership in the XNA Creators Club, obtain XNA Game Launcher for your Xbox 360, and connect your Windows PC to your Xbox 360 on your home network. We felt that this video would help to show the necessary steps in real, full-blooded action. It’s only 11 minutes long, and you have several viewing options:

Download a copy from the Microsoft Download Center, available in standard or high definition.

Watch the copy on MSN Soapbox below:

Video: Getting Started with the XNA Creators Club

Phil, a developer on our team, agreed to do the brilliant acting. Of course, he already regrets it after showing the result to family members who can’t stop teasing him for his polished TV persona. It was a really busy but fun day! We argued over what kind of art should go on the wall behind Phil in our staged area, imagining what a living room might look like that boasts an Xbox 360 and an owner eager to develop a game with XNA Game Studio Express. In the end, what you see on the video looks fancier than any of our own living rooms! 🙂

Just when we were ready to shoot our last scene, we heard a ferocious revving engine noise coming from the studio next door where they were filming a classic American muscle car. We were told we had to put up with it, as it was part of an executive video shoot. Of course, we never got to verify whether it was Bill pressing the pedal to the metal, but that’s what we imagined…

Enjoy this video and good luck in 2007!

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    Auf der XNA Team Blog Seite gibt es ein ca. 10min. langes Video über den XNA Creators Club. Dort wird

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