XNA Game Studio Express Video Tutorials Available

Charles Cox
Developer Educator - XNA Game Studio Express
If you're looking for a way to jump-start your XNA Game Studio Express experience, check out this set of three video tutorials: learn how to draw 3d objects, move them around with an Xbox 360 controller, and play sounds, all in less than an hour!
For the best experience, view the tutorials in order.
Tutorial 1: Displaying a 3D Model on the Screen
[Watch Streaming WMV]
Learn how to use the XNA Framework Content Pipeline to load a 3D model and its associated textures, and the code necessary to display the model on the screen. (18 Minutes, 29.1 MB .WMV format)
Tutorial 2: Making Your Model Move Using Input
[Watch Streaming WMV]
Learn how to use the XNA Framework Input API to take user input from an Xbox 360 Controller and apply it to the 3D model displayed in Tutorial 1. (15 Minutes, 25.6 MB .WMV format)
Tutorial 3: Making Sounds with XNA Game Studio Express and XACT
[Watch Streaming WMV]
Learn how to use the Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT) to make sounds for an XNA Game Studio Express game, and how to use the XNA Framework Audio API to play them. (19 Minutes, 33.3 MB .WMV format)
A permanent link to these tutorials and other XNA Game Studio Express videos: http://msdn.com/directx/xna/videos.

Comments (12)

  1. Machaira says:

    Started watching the first one and it looks like it’s just a walkthrough of the tutorials/How To’s in the Help, correct?

  2. cchance says:

    wicked i love tutorials especially in video format… but can you guys upload them in flash format? maybe … hehe… soapbox 🙂 and then just put the soapbox flash vids on the page 🙂

    its strange how microsoft doesnt like using their own technology.

    BTW can someone tell me how to get xna games like wildboarders running on vista… thers gotta be a way, i ran the latest xna framework but it just crashes on launch.

  3. If you haven’t downloaded the v1 release of XNA Game Studio Express yet then this contest may be an incentive.

  4. This contest may be an incentive to look at XNA Game Studio Express . There is just a teaser there now

  5. adam.hill@gmail.com says:

    Would be nice if the video’s were added to the XBox Marketplace… hint… hint. 🙂

  6. Cookiecups says:

    Hey all, just a couple of answers to your questions/comments:

    Machiara – They are based on the tutorials in the Help, yes. It’s a little more in-depth in its explanations, so it’s a good primer even if you’ve followed the tutorials before.

    cchance – We’re working on getting the videos onto Soapbox, great idea!

    adamhill – Marketplace, eh? It’s certainly on the radar, we’re still considering it.

    Great ideas and questions, everyone, please keep it coming!

    Charles Cox

    XNA Developer Educator

  7. XNA Game Studio Express Video Tutorials

  8. XNA_Event_Extra says:


    You can stream it to your 360 it’s WMV.

    Thanks, these are great guys!

  9. Pasco says:

    The tutorials are very good. I have a question and a request:

    – Will it work if I use a wireless pad and connect it to the PC with a play & charge kit?

    – Can we have a tutorial where you learn how to animate an object with bones and such?

  10. Fleiteh says:

    great job on these tutorials, however it would be great if you guys could go a little more in depth describing how to make models and how to apply textures to them. one thing that im not sure about – can i make a model in another 3d application (such as Maya, or XSI) and import it into XNA, or is that option not supported? i also see a lot of coding in these tutorials and i would like to know if there will be any lessons that show how to use a more visual approach. thanx, and again these tutorials are a great help.

  11. chemicalgirl says:

    u can import from anothers 3d applications, just click with the right bottom in the name of your project, add existing item, search where your file is, ok and them kazam 😀

  12. zygote says:

    >>>A permanent link to these tutorials and other XNA Game Studio Express videos: http://msdn.com/directx/xna/videos.

    This url is 404

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