Announcing XNA Game Studio Express Beta 2

Michael Klucher
Program Manager – XNA Game Studio

Our first beta of XNA Game Studio Express has been a tremendous success. The number of downloads, activity in online communities and especially the level of excitement out there in general has been nothing short of incredible. We’ve also been monitoring all the valuable feedback on our MSDN team blog, MSDN forums and Microsoft Connect sites for both this version and for future versions of XNA Game Studio Express. 

One of the most popular requests has been for a second beta and on behalf of the XNA Game Studio team, I’m pleased to announce that we will indeed be releasing another beta of XNA Game Studio Express and that it will be available in a couple weeks.

Keep checking back as we’ll be talking about more details on what you can expect in this new beta.  We believe you will be pleased with the direct impact on the product your feedback has played.  We’ll also have plenty of information both on our blog and in our documentation on migrating your project from the first beta of XNA Game Studio Express to the new one.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that, as you may know there isn’t too much time between the second beta and the release this holiday. In fact you might think of this beta more as a final release candidate. This is your chance to help us identify any critical issues in the product that prevent you from using XNA Game Studio Express.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the second beta as much as the first one--and keep that feedback on XNA Game Studio Express coming!

Comments (25)

  1. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Crossing my fingers that one of those ‘details’ is Vista support 🙂

  2. Check out today's blog post from the XNA team blog regarding the upcoming release of XNA Game Studio

  3. JudahGabriel says:

    Cool! Looking forward to the content pipeline!

  4. petknep says:

    It better support Vista. Everyone in your org should be selfhosting Vista anyways. I’ll come over there if you aren’t :).

  5. krvss says:

    Great 🙂

    What I dream of:

    1. Programming guides those cover 2D vector graphics.

    2. Some GUI stuff

    3. Several small examples for different areas of framework.

    4. Something about XBox Live / Live Anywhere

  6. Matteo Dello Ioio says:


  7. Machaira says:

    Great news! I wasn’t expecting this, but it’s very welcome.

  8. Bargerse says:

    Vista support, and being able to run against the professional versions of Visual Studio. Installing the Express version just for this is madness.

  9. nobodyman says:

    Sweeet!!  I can’t wait to see how things are coming along.  Many thanks for being so responsive to the community.

  10. johnnylightbulb says:

    Totally awesome, I can’t wait! Information is at such a premium in this community that a post like this is like throwing chum to the sharks… Thanks for the info!

  11. shinji says:

    Xbox 360 support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Microsoft have announced that they plan to release the next beta of the XNA Framework and Game Studio

  13. cchance says:

    OK #1… XNA STUDIO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    #2…. thank you god for 360 support!!!

    #3 Will this version finally include Procedural Synthesis/Texturing??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    #4 you guys should really work to get some XNA ports onto the 360 and sold to show how awesome the xna strategy can be.,.. i mean a game like would be wicked on my 360!

    God forbid you strap on a good soundtrack and add multiplayer muhahahha 2d snowboarding hehehe i mean thats one game i really saw and said "wow thats homebrew holly crap"


  14. coldacid says:

    Gotta agree with Bargerse. I have VS2005 Std, and I don’t want the redundancy of installing VC# Exp just to use GSE. That’ll just encourage me to not use it at all.

  15. parnell says:

    All you have to do is grab the reference dlls from an installation and add them as references in any empty project (then change it to a windows project in the project config)… inherit the game object and start working… problem is no help file. What you don’t get is the lazy man project templates but they really don’t do much.

  16. Jesse Towner says:

    Yeah, you don’t need the project templates in order to use it with another version of VS2005.

    I can’t wait to see how the Content Pipeline sits architecturally, it will allow us developers to see how we should build our scene graphs to work with XNA.

  17. Michael Klucher says:

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone, to address Bargerse’s and coldacid’s comments. This version will not differ in that it only uses Visual C# Express. If you haven’t taken a look please read Joe’s post for more information about this:

  18. Mitch Walker says:

    You’ve probably seen the post announcing we’re releasing a Beta 2 of XNA Game Studio Express . This release

  19. Can you tell i’m excited? That’s right… Beta 2 for XNA Game Studio Express is on its way!!! Check out

  20. coldacid says:

    parnell: Quite aware of this, and it’s exactly what I do. But isn’t there supposed to be more to GSE than just the VS IDE? In which case simply working around like that means that I might as well not bother with GSE at all.

    Michael: How about GSE 1.1?

  21. Looks like the second beta will be released in time, containing the Content Pipeline.

  22. Duckocide says:

    <holds breath/>

    If it contains the content pipeline, I can’t wait! My kids are itching to see my games run on our 360… Game on Microsoft !?!

  23. Ghoort says:

    Do you plan to add physics in XNA?

  24. Michael Klucher says:

    coldacid: It’s something we’re looking at for our next release but no guarantees of course.

    Ghoort: We have no plans to add physics at this time. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll keep it in mind!

  25. Microsoft have announced that they plan to release the next beta of the XNA Framework and Game Studio Express . We should see this release over the next few weeks. " One of the most popular requests has been for a second beta and on behalf of the XNA

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