Moving Forward with The XNA Blog

Michael Klucher
Program Manager - XNA Team


Hello, everyone, our blog has slowed down a bit as much of our team is really pushing to get the final features into the product. We’ve seen that you have a lot of questions about XNA Game Studio, and as such, this blog will become more and more active. One thing that we really never got around to doing was letting you know how we plan to move forward with our blog and what type of things you can expect from us and also what we're asking from you.

We'll be posting all kinds of great stuff on our blog to keep you up to date with what's going on with XNA Game Studio—topics may include:

  • What we’re working on, and our roadmaps
  • Insights into the XNA team
  • Why and how we made decisions on the product
  • Responses to questions and comments from the community
  • Pointers to cool articles and information on XNA Game Studio
  • Tips and tricks on using our products
  • Highlight some fun games we see being developed using XNA Game Studio Express

All we're asking from you are a few simple things:

  • Let us know what you're thinking! Your feedback is welcome. One of the reasons we have a blog is to give you a chance to influence our product.
  • Keep your feedback on topic with the post.

One important thing moving forward is to let us know what you're interested in. This helps us know how we can best focus our efforts and get you the best information we can We’ll get to work and start talking to you about all the cool and exciting technologies we’re working on.

Comments (10)

  1. dudubaiao says:

    I’ll be happy if you could give us some 3D samples to play with.

  2. juliano says:

    I think XNA Game Studio or other must have an execution simulator for those who has no 3d graphics device and the game/program run without this need.

    I tried to find a graphics card emulation tool, but I didn’t find and also don’t know if this is possible. If somebody is into this, please reply.

  3. cusebr says:

    It’d be good if some events could be added for when keys are pressed and released. I just found the Howto in the Help section on how to declare your own Keys array and check against previous states etc but something built-in would save a bit of time.

  4. SecurityException says:

    What _really_ concerns me is that the XNA Framework seems to be quite unfinished right now but is already declared as a Beta product. Normally, Betas are mostly feature complete and the developers are fixing Bugs. But even very important things like the content pipeline or text drawing seem to be missing.

    Please, please, please take yourself as much time as you need, to make it

    – a really, really good design

    – as bug free as possible

    When you think you are ready, don’t release the final version immediately but release another beta first, and another one, etc.

    It is still possible now to make breaking changes to improve the design and fix bugs, which will never be possible again as soon as XNA ships. In the .Net Framework, there exist very annoying Bugs that are not going to be fixed, for example:

    Please don’t let this happen to the XNA Framework and don’t be too hasty.  🙂

    I also would like to add that it is important to me not to rely on the application framework of XNA. I prefer writing my own main loop and to handle Windows Forms events because I think they are more suitable for programming RTS games instead of polling mouse states. Also, I can’t make Visual Development with components usefull for me in that case. You did a good job on letting the developers choose their own way and I suggest to continue doing so.  🙂

  5. krvss says:


    Let’s start from good 🙂 I think it is going to be a great product. Simple and convenient.

    What I miss:

    1. You have a great programming guide. I wish that guide to cover in the same level details all the areas , especially 2d graphics.

    2. Being honest, 2D graphics seems to be very tricky to use (or it is because the lack of tutorials?). Probably you have a ground for implementing this in such a way, but anyway I belive it could be as simple as a sprites. Sprites are done really understanable and easy.

    3. I hope to see some networking. Well, I use some 3rd party stuff and can live with it but have something from MS would be great. Actually, I target not xbox but PC (why not?) and I believe not to be alone here. Guys like me would definitely look for networking.

    4. I also want to have series of small samples each about various aspects of game dev, something like .NET has.

    5. More info about components and probably some "best practices" or "guidelines" for game architecture would be also great.

    Keep on going and thanks!


  6. Matteo Dello Ioio says:

    Hi to everybody!

    I think that the community has need of a clarification about GameComponents.

    If the idea is a "peace of completely reusable software", the community has need of greater specific.

    Thanks thanks thanks…..

  7. Michael Klucher says:

    Cool, thanks for the suggestions. Please keep them coming!

  8. dmishe says:

    Hello all,

    I think it would be grate to post some performance test on XNA in comparsion (if it’s possible) with unmanaged code.

    And thanks to all XNA team for great work.


  9. Machaira says:

    Some info on the Creator’s Club would be great!

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