Game Components Demo

During my Creating Games with the XNA Framework session at Gamefest, I did a demo about the component model of the XNA Framework.  I thought some of you who didn’t get a chance to attend Gamefest might find it interesting so I made a recording of the demo.


Game Components Demo


As mentioned previously I’m working on a couple of GameComponent tutorials as well, one for an event driven keyboard controller and another that will display the frame rate of your game.  I hope to get those posted over the next couple of days.


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  1. esmour says:

    I am new to game development and it seems to me that this will ease the game making prosess for beginners and still alow you to have the functionality you would expect from any commercial application.  I can’t wait to test it out 🙂

  2.  The XNA Team Blog has posted a video demonstrating XNA Game Compontents. This was demo’d at GameFest…

  3. mrMikael says:


    This session was very interesting, but were can i look closer in the code (wee can I download it?).

  4. Dataman says:

    Would like to see the code as well.

    For a lot of a problems we’re seeing on the boards, these drop in components should solve a lot of problems.

  5. This is slightly old news but I figured I’d mention it because I’m very excited about it:

    The XNA Express…

  6. Mitch Walker says:

    I put my video for the Game Component demo up on the XNA Team Blog and forgot to mention it here. …

  7. shinji says:

    It’s a great demo! Can you share the source code with us?


  8. ktg says:

    Great Stuff, please share the code with us. thanks

  9. Gronker says:


    Absolutely great demo.  Can’t wait for you to post the source for the components.  That will be very helpful.  I’m having a hard time finding information on exactly what a component consists of and how to export them.

  10. tachikaze says:

    Wow. We’ve certainly come along way from the toolchain I learned 3D on: MS-DOS 6 + Pharlap, Brief.exe, the Watcom C++ compiler, and a proprietary 3D API.

    Over the past 20-odd years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Microsoft (eg. loved Microsoft Decathlon, the CP/M card for the Apple II, etc) but what floors me is that this XNA initiative is simply *everything* Microsoft has gotten right over the past 10+ years: NT4/5, MSVC, DirectX, C#, and the Xbox 360 all rolled up in one sweet, sweet package.

    Having learned 3D the hard way, I can see that Microsoft is years ahead of everyone else right now with this package of technologies. I had hopes that Sony would do something interesting with Java & OpenGL ES, but now, I think I’ve found my dream platform.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Well I finally got to sit down and play with XNA. One of the things I have been doing a lot with MDX

  12. Mitch Walker over at the XNA Team Blog has posted a demo he did on the component model of the XNA Framework….

  13. tomoprime says:

    Hi can include a demo on how to load the designer and how to add the items within the ToolBox ? All I get is the default Windows components. Where can we download your demo ?

    I tried making my own components but don’t know how startup the designer window yada yada

  14. DragonWolf says:

    How do you get the designer view up? I’m using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition but can’t seem to get the designer up.

  15. Well I finally got to sit down and play with XNA. One of the things I have been doing a lot with MDX is playing around with 2D, so I thought a good start would be to play and convert the code that I already have. The first thing I needed to make the transfer

  16. zman says:

    Note that this demo uses a BETA of Game Studio Express 1.0 and the drag and drop of components never made it as a released feature.

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