XNA Game Studio Express (Beta) Now Available!

The day has come! You can download XNA Game Studio Express (Beta) from the following location on the XNA Developer Center http://msdn.com/directx/xna/gse.
One reason we release beta software is to put it in the hands of the community and start getting feedback on what we'll be releasing. How you give feedback depends on the type of feedback you have.
We hope many of you have already joined the XNA Beta Program through the Microsoft Connect Web site http://connect.microsoft.com. If you haven't signed up at the Microsoft Connect Site, it couldn't be easier.

  1. Sign in using your Windows Live ID or Passport account (if you haven't already).
  2. Click Available Connections.
  3. Scroll down. In the table that lists the various programs available, select XNA Game Studio Express Beta 1, and then click Apply.
  4. After filling out the short survey, you will be enrolled automatically.
Microsoft Connect is the preferred method to let us know about bugs and about your suggestions for XNA Game Studio Express. What topics are worth submitting? Glad you asked!

  • Bugs: Problems that you encounter while using the product due to an error in XNA Game Studio Express.
  • Feature Suggestions: Features that you would like to see in the product or functionality that's missing that you believe should exist.
You can choose from any one of four feedback forms

  • XNA Framework Bug
  • XNA Framework Suggestion
  • XNA Game Studio Express Bug
  • XNA Game Studio Express Suggestion
Which form you fill out depends on the type of feedback you have. For example, you may be able to identify the difference between a bug and suggestion, but how do you know which feature area to select for your bug? Consider that the XNA Framework deals with the API you use when coding your game, so if you are programming against the bug or feature request, it's usually going to fall under the XNA Framework. If you’re having problems using the Visual Studio templates or Starter Kits, your bug or feature request likely falls under XNA Game Studio Express—in other words, everything built on top of the XNA Framework. Don't worry too much about getting it perfect—it just helps us organize things.
Before you submit a bug or feature request, we ask that you search for it first. This helps reduce the amount of duplicate bugs we receive. If you find a duplicate, you can "vote" to make a bug or suggestion more visible to the team. This shows that multiple people have the same issue or suggestion.
While we can't guarantee that we’ll reply personally to every bug or suggestion, we can guarantee that we’ll properly review every bug entered.
To get help and to get your questions answered about the XNA Framework or XNA Game Studio Express, please visit our forums. For help deciding which forum is the best place for your question, you can use the guidelines outlined above.
I can't stress enough how important your feedback is for our beta. It guides us in the right direction and highlights problems you want to see fixed. This product is yours—help us make it the best it can be.

Michael Klucher
Program Manager - XNA Game Studio

Comments (19)

  1. Here is the information on the XNA team blog about how to participate in the beta and send…

  2. Finally the XNA Team released the XNA Game Studio Express for download. If you do enjoy games you are…

  3. FlyveHest says:

    I think this part of the readme is EXTREMELY vague, and was wondering if someone could clarify

    From the readme

    "XNA Game Studio Express (Beta) is designed to work only with Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition. However, other members of the Visual Studio 2005 line of products, for example Visual Studio 2005 Professional, can co-exist with XNA Game Studio Express (Beta) on the same computer."

    Does this mean that if I have VS2005Pro, that I can install GSE, but just not use it?

    Or does it mean that VC# Express/GSE can co-exist with VS2005Pro?

  4. Cookiecups says:

    FlyveHest, Yes you can run both C# Express and Visual Studio 2005 Standard/Professional at the same time. We’ll try and clairify that in the readme.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  5. jwatte says:

    You recommend searching for issues first, but there’s nowhere on the page you point at where you can actually search for an issue — only create new issues.

    What’s the URL for seaching issues or feature requests?

  6. nhaydon says:

    Any chance of the requirements changing to accomadate VS 2005? I would hate to install C# 2005 Express if I already have VS 2005.

  7. matb says:

    I wanted to give some feedback in the listed forums but I don’t know where they should be (I am talking about the suggestions and bugs forums, not the regular ones). Where can I search for issues?

    Everytime I click on the feedback link on the XNA site I just get forwarded to my Account page. This whole Connect/Live thing is so messed up. And now I had to create another account to post this comment here. Is it so hard for Microsoft to set up something basic like this without it being a hassle for customer who just want to report a bug or suggestion? If it’s taking me a half hour just to find some suggestions form I think I will just quit and do something else instead.

  8. Cookiecups says:

    jwatte, I added some hyperlinks to the post that direct you to the proper place.

    matb, Please try the links now in the article, make sure you are logged into the connect website. Thanks for taking the time to let us know it’s an issue.

  9. The XNA framework beta is now publicly available. You can read the download procedure here . I’ll give

  10. matb says:

    It works now, thank you for your help. The problem was that I was logged in to Connect with a different account which wasn’t registered to the XNA beta program. My fault, but the whole sign up procedure is still too long in my opinion.

  11. I don’t know how many of you keep up to date with MS’s tech announcements.  Probably just me. …

  12. Michael Klucher Program Manager – XNA Game Studio I hope this past week following our announcement went

  13. Michael Klucher Program Manager – XNA Game Studio We’re putting the final touches on our first release

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