Stylesheet import tree in the XSLT Debugger

Complex XSLT stylesheets often contain several include and/or imports instructions. VS XML Editor has very limited support for such scenarios. (Most noticeable it lacks the concept of “primary stylesheet”.)   In the XSLT Debugging session you may need to put breakpoint in the template that is defined in one of the referenced files and VS…


Chris Lovett Interview

Chris Lovett was interviewed by book author Michael van Otegem recently and he asked some very interesting questions: Please tell us who you are and what you do.I’m an architect on the Data Programmability Tools team in SQL Server, and I work on XML tools that ship in Visual Studio.  As an architect I do…


XML Tools Screencasts

These videos provide some great information and a preview of the new XML Editor, XSLT Debugger, and EDM Wizard coming in Orcas, as well as a sneak preview of a new XSD Designer and EDM Designer that we can expect to see released after the upcoming Orcas release.