XML 2005 Conference – deadlines are fast approaching

Microsoft is helping to sponsor the XML 2005 Conference  (November 14-18, Atlanta GA) and we encourage people to participate. There is still time to submit proposals for “late breaking news” presentations, presentations to describe and promote specific products, and “town hall meetings” where people can get together to informally debate the issues of the day.  See…


UPA in plain English (by Priya Lakshminarayanan)

Unique Particle Attribution or UPA as it is known among schema savvy XML geeks, is one among many rules in the XML Schema spec that confounds most schema authors.   If you ever see the following error message while compiling a schema, then you have hit a UPA problem.    “Multiple definition of element ‘foo’ causes…


XmlSchema and XmlSchemaSet

Stan writes about Walking XmlSchema and XmlSchemaSet objects


XML Projects

Now that Whidbey is almost out the door, we’ve started planning our next release.  A number of customers have told us that they would like to have XML Projects.  However, nobody explained exactly what that meant.  So I’d like to investigate this a bit further.  Do you have a need for an XML Project?  If…



It’s been quiet on this blog as we get closer to Whidbey RTM.  Meanwhile, Erik Saltwell – the dev lead for system.xml – gives a “behind the scenes” look at GetElementsByTagName.  It’s quite a good read, especially if you’re using this method. Stan Kitsis


XML Editor and Code Snippets

Just wrote up an entry about using code snippets in the XML Editor Stan Kitsis


XmlReader and XmlWriter articles by Alex Homer

Alex Homer wrote a very good article (http://www.15seconds.com/issue/050601.htm) on using XmlReader and XmlWriter in .NET 2.0.  It is based on beta 2 bits and while we’ve added a few new features since then (for example, allowXmlAttributes flag), it is still a very good read. Stan Kitsis


XML and Draconian Error Handling

I can just hear sound of the long-time XML users’  mice clicking to get this horrible topic off the screen ASAP … but maybe people who are newer to XML will get something out of revisiting one of the oldest controversies:  what should be done with text that purports to be XML but doesn’t meet…


Anders Hejlsberg interview on support for XML and SQL in C#

Anders Hejlsberg, the MS Distinguished Engineer who has pioneered several important programming languages including Turbo Pascal and C#,  has an interview in InfoWorld that is well worth reading for anyone interested in how .NET  is evolving to support XML and relational data.  C-Omega is a research project that explores language extensions in a couple domains. One is database…


A lot interest around XSLT!!!!

Thanks everyone for the great feedback. There are a lot of interesting comments. Once I read through them , I will post a summary of what the general feedback is and ask for more clarifications. Keep those comments flowing in!!!! Thanks Nithya