XML Tools for Visual Studio in print

Scott Hanselman talks about XML Tools in his new book "Professional ASP.NET 3.5: in C# and VB".  He mentions XML Editor, which is available in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, as well as XML Schema Explorer, which we plan to ship in the next service pack.

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  1. Leon says:


    I tried to install the XSD Schema Aug 07 CTP into my released version of VS2008 and it told me that I need to install VS Beta 2 to use it.

  2. Christopher Noyes says:

    I’m trying to take an XML input file and convert the file to human readable text (XML doesn’t work for my users.  They need to see a basic text file).  We receive these XML files from a thrid party and I would like to use C# to convert them.  I realize I have to use XMLDataSource, but I’m new to that class.  Does anybody have any advice for me?  Thanks.

  3. Dan McCreary says:

    Can anyone give me a high-level comparison to Altova’s XMLSpy?  Can I rearrange the order of elements with a drag-and-drop?  Any screen shots would be nice.  Can it run as a stand-alone without Visual Studio?

    Thanks! – Dan

  4. 王振乾 says:

    XML Tools for Visual Studio in print

  5. Simon Sprott says:

    Until this new schema editor is released you could always use Liquid XML Studio, a graphical XSD plugin editor for visual studio 2005 & 2008.


    Please let me know your thoughts on it.


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