LINQ to XSD Alpha 0.2

I’m happy to announce that today we are re-releasing the LINQ to XSD Preview Alpha 0.2 for Visual Studio 2008. The previous preview release of LINQ to XSD targeted Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2008 but did not work on later builds. Many of the people who originally downloaded and tried the LINQ to XSD Preview Alpha requested an update for the final release of Visual Studio 2008 – this release is it. You can download it from here.


The LINQ to XSD preview illustrates our initial thinking on a strongly-typed programming experience over LINQ to XML. Instead of working with untyped XML trees, LINQ to XSD allows you to program in terms of strongly-typed classes, generated based on an XSD schema.  The LINQ to XSD project is still incubation, but we are looking at ways to incorporate its functionality into future Visual Studio and .NET Framework releases. We are very much interested in gathering your feedback on the product, so please download it, give it a try, and send us some feedback.


I know it’s taken us a while to get this release out and some of you have been wondering what’s happening with this project. The team has only recently resurfaced from the Visual Studio 2008 release push and has begun looking at how we can take LINQ to XSD forward again. We’re looking forward to getting your feedback on this preview and on our future work on strongly-typed XML programming.


Please send us your comments, questions, and suggestions via the LINQ forum on MSDN:


Shyam Pather

Dev Manager, Data Developer Experience Team

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  1. przemkovv says:

    I thought that you abandon this project. I’m glad that I was wrong 🙂

  2. Hot Topics says:

    Shyam Pather of the XML team at Microsoft announces the availability of the LINQ to XSD Alpha for Visual

  3. kocha says:

    Hi this is a great news!

    Thank you very much!!!

    We are looking forward for RTM version!

  4. One of the cool features in VB 9.0 is the ability to work directly with XML in code without having to

  5. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  6. A new version of the LINQ to XSD preview that works with Visual Studio 2008. Get the details from here….

  7. It took some time after the first alpha (which was available for Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2008) – now…

  8. Hosam Kamel says:

    Microsoft XML Team has announced the LINQ to XSD Preview Alpha 0.2 for Visual Studio 2008. The LINQ to

  9. Linq to XSD è un’implementazione di Linq che estende le funzionalità  di Linq to XML,

  10. Linq to XSD è un'implementazione di Linq che estende le funzionalità  di Linq to XML

  11. ASPInsiders says:

    It’s funny when you work at a company that has as many small projects as it has big ones. I hear one

  12. It has been a long time since the last preview of LINQ to XSD, which targeted Beta1 of Visual Studio 2008. Now Microsoft’s XML team is announcing a new release that works with Visual Studio 2008 RTM. If you’re a…

  13. A new version of LINQ to XSD had been released last week. The new version works with the final release

  14. Brian says:

    I keep hearing snippets about this project and I’m very keen to see it implemented. Thanks to all the team.

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  16. nicolas says:


    How many people in MSFT again? I mean, competent people.

  17. Ian Thomas says:

    Very confusing. Why not rename it?

  18. Ian Thomas says:

    Call the thing alpha 0.21 – what’s wrong with you people?

  19. Matthews says:


    I found this great article on Hurricane softwares about XML. It consists of everything a newbie like me to know before diving into XML.

    i hope it will help.


  20. Vikorio says:

    I could use it immediately… any idea about release dates?

  21. Vikorio says:

    There should be an option to generate objects when a Property get occurs. (Like MS XSDObjectGen).

  22. honu says:

    Good things come to those who wait.

    But I’m ready!

    Soon v 1.0

  23. Paul says:

    Great, but when are you going to release the XML schema designer? How about stopping work on all these peripheral add-ons and releasing one that actually should have come in the RTM of Visual Studio in the first place?

  24. Korayem says:

    It’s about time…I too thought that this was abandoned…horay Microsoft!

  25. Johana Paul says:

    @Matthews: Great Post Matthews. I found the site interesting enough.

    Keep posting!

  26. Matthews says:

    Thanks Johana,

    Here are another few links to use XML with PHP, i found the technique excellent. Why don’t you check this out

    I hope it will help.


  27. LINQ to XSD disponible en Alpha 0.2

  28. LINQ to XSD disponible en Alpha 0.2

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  31. A new version of LINQ to XSD had been released last week. The new version works with the final release

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