LINQ to XSD Preview Alpha 0.2 to go with Orcas Beta 1

Around Memorial Day we released a new preview release for LINQ to XSD. The download has been picked up meanwhile by blogs and search engines. I am planning to blog about X/O mapping (“Typed XML programming”) and the project somewhat more in depth shortly, but I wanted to quickly complement the download with this info:

·         Here is the download.

·         Requires Orcas Beta 1.

·         Functionality-wise identical with Alpha 0.1.

·         Some new samples related to “Data Contract” and the papers at XML 2006.

You should also check out the very much revised “Revealing the X/O impedance mismatch”. BTW, we added a new subtitle: “Changing lead into gold”.

Getting back to you very soon.

Ralf Lämmel


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  1. One of the things that I’ve done in introducing LINQ at various talks that I’ve given over the past 12…

  2. WE says:


  3. Tim Rayburn says:

    What is the final release story for LINQ to XSD?  Included with .NET Framework 3.5?  Seperate download?  

    How real is the technology for projects today?  If I am starting a project which I expect to release in Q1 2008, and I’m working with VS2008, can I count on LINQ to XSD to be there as well?

  4. xxl says:

    1. Can LINQ be used as an replacement for xslt transform (xml->html )?

    2. Is LINQ a useful replacement for xslt transforms?

  5. Don Box has responded to my post on Harry Pierson’s discussion about retiring the four tenets. I would like to respond to some of his statements: Harmut states “WCF Contracts are still CLR-Classes, not Schema or Contract.” This isn’t quite right…

  6. Scott Hanselman likes the VB 9 support of integrating XML in the language. That’s why he found a way…

  7. Chris Lovett was interviewed by book author Michael van Otegem recently and he asked some very interesting

  8. ASPInsiders says:

    It’s funny when you work at a company that has as many small projects as it has big ones. I hear one

  9. "LINQ in Action " (by Fabrice Marguerie, Steve Eichert, Jim Wooley, and Matt Warren (Foreword

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