XML Notepad 2007 version 2.3 is now available

New features include support for XInclude, Goto Definition, XSD annotations in tooltips, a new navigation combo box for opening XML directly off HTTP, new menus for changing node types, better handling of XML documents containing illegal characters plus a lot of bug fixes.  See Updates.xml for full list of changes and link to download. 

PS: the new download size is 1.81mb, if you do not see this hold down the control key when you click the download button to update your IE cache.

Comments (8)

  1. Matt Lacey says:

    Couldn’t see a way in the program to auto update (maybe this feature can go in version 2.4)

    So I :

    – Downloaded the new version from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=72d6aa49-787d-4118-ba5f-4f30fe913628&displaylang=en

    – Uninstalled previous version.

    – Installed new version

    – Help > About says version is 2.1.2522.18951

    Is this right?

    I was expecting it to say version is 2.3.xxx.xxx

  2. CoqBlog says:

    Cet éditeur XML, dont je vous avais présentée la version 2006 précédemment , passe en version 2.3 Au

  3. houghtoa says:

    I have found using the previous version to be useful over the past year and look forward to using the new update.  Keep up the good work!

    There is one feature that I really would like to see in XML Notepad.  I didn’t see anything in the new version’s help, but perhaps you could consider it for a future version.  It would be really nice to be able to create an instance document and have XML Notepad automatically create a DTD or XML schema for it and optionally add the schema to the schema collection.

    It seems like the XML schema part is a no brainer, especially since Microsoft has already done the hard work in the .NET development tools.  The XSD.EXE executable can take an instance document and convert it to an XML schema.  While I have been using this approach, it has some issues.  The XSD.EXE tools adds some .NET crap (stuff) to the schema which I usually need to remove.  In addition, the convience factor in running the tool from the command line vs. through the XML Notepad IDE.

  4. renan says:

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  5. Light says:

    I uesd XML Notepad 2007 to transform a XML file to HTML file with XSL, how coule I save the HTML file?  Thanks.

  6. Alinus Galbenus says:

    Good tool.

  7. beano333 says:

    I am also interested in how to save an HTML file once XML has been transformed.  Is this possible?

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